Cheap Printing and Capacity – Advice on Finding a Great Value Supplier


The best printers are wonderful specialists in creating truly value-adding marketing communications of stunning quality. But in this recession-hit world, there are many going to the wall every week, and with such desperation, there comes an opportunity for some buyers to force prices down to unsustainable levels. However, for numerous reasons (moral, ethical and plain old common sense) we’re not going to suggest you find desperate printers to help you source cheap printing

We strongly suggest you don’t attempt to drive prices down to silly levels as that’s ultimately in the interests of no one. It also tempts suppliers to grab your money and provide poor quality and service. It may well turn into a false-economy.

What we are interested in doing is helping you make savings wherever savings can be made. And capacity is a really fantastic target for making savings in your printing costs.

You see, printers have fixed overheads. Whether their presses are rolling at full speed or sat idle, gathering cobwebs, printers still have to pay bills, pay staff, pay for heating and so on. So your average printer simply can’t afford to have their presses not rolling and not full.

Typically, a printer has to run at 85% capacity to break even. Yes that’s right, their presses have to be rolling 85% of the time before they even start to make a profit! So they need to make damn sure they have work on those presses or they’ll go bust! Jeez – and you thought you were struggling to make ends meet!

However, the opportunity for the print-buyer here is obvious. If you find a printer with a hole in his capacity, you’ve probably found a printer who could really do with your job to fill up their presses! And that puts the bargaining power right into your hands. You’re doing them a big favour by bringing your job along – so let’s talk discount!

Of course, this is particularly relevant for longer-run jobs where you really might make or break their month. However, don’t underestimate your power of purchasing. It’s always worth asking if they’ve a hole in their order board – and if your job fills it, how about a discount?

Rich does his best to offer advice and tips for people looking to buy print. It’s a tricky business and can get you really confused (ever taken your car to the garage and had a mechanic tell you your fluffle valve rod end needs a costly shimming – and you’ll know what I’m talking about!). I’ll try and demistify printing:-)

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